Carbo-Loading Protocol

Carbo-loading is a simple and highly effective method to ensure that your carbohydrate reserves are at their maximum level before a game. It should be started two to three days before every game.


  • Drink 3 grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight in the four hours immediately after training.
  • Divide the four-hour period into 15 minute intervals to maximize intake capabilities.

(Your weight in lbs.) X 3/16 =

(Amount of carbs you need to consume every 15 min. for 4 hours)


  • A Gatorade bottle holds 32oz.
  • 32 oz. of Gatorade has 56 grams of carbs
  • Divide the amount of carbs to consume by 56 grams.

(answer from above) / 56 =

(# Gatorade bottles to consume every 15 min.)

Body Weight

Carbs to consume every 15 min.

# of Gatorade bottles

100 lbs

19 g

1/3 of a bottle

(or 1 bottle in 45 min.)

110 lbs

21 g

120 lbs

23 g

1/2 of a bottle

(or 1 bottle in 30 min.)

130 lbs

25 g

140 lbs

27 g

150 lbs

29 g

160 lbs

30 g

170 lbs

32 g

180 lbs

34 g

190 lbs

36 g

2/3 of a bottle

(or 2 bottles in 45 min.)

200 lbs

38 g


2 responses to “Carbo-Loading Protocol

  1. I would like some information on what to tell my players to eat and drink in the hours before a game, and also what to avoid. Anyone help me please?

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