A Question of Tactics

In November of 2008 sports columnist and author Jonathan Wilson began The Question, a series for The Guardian newspaper in the UK exploring all facets of tactical issues in professional football.  The breadth and depth of the articles, and Mr. Wilson’s knowledge on the various subjects, was astounding.  The articles were always excellent and gave real insight into the tactics and systems found in professional football today, as well as the past.  In particular, the articles during the 2008 European Championships in Austria-Switzerland, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and the 2012 European Championships in Poland-Ukraine provided background and understanding to the matches and teams that enabled readers to follow and enjoy the tournaments at a much deeper level.  The articles were unique in mainstream media for their high level of discussion of football tactics.  In fact, I found that the series regularly provided me with a deeper level of tactical understanding which informed my coaching and allowed me to explore new tactical ideas and concepts, especially because I could reference the specific matches, formations, and teams of which Mr. Wilson was writing about.  For this, I found the series invaluable.  I wanted to keep the articles that I found particularly relevant, interesting, and insightful so that I could reference them regularly, if needed.   So I took the time one night to download my favorite articles from the very beginning until the current day, November 20, 2012.  I formatted them to be more readable and use the paper more efficiently.  The result was a 104 page document compiling my favorite articles from The Question series, by Jonathan Wilson.  The articles focus on tactical topics that I found helpful from a coaching point of view.  Enjoy! THE QUESTION DOCUMENT


One response to “A Question of Tactics

  1. Always thought about making one of these myself, so this is excellent. Off to the printers now

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