FC Barcelona Confidential

KICKTV Presents: FC Barcelona Confidential.

On 15 June, 2003 a group of thirty-something professionals and dotcom millionaires, led by a young lawyer; Joan Laporta, took over one of the biggest football clubs in the world. Their starting point could not be worse. The club was technically bankrupt with €150m of debts. The team had been humiliated on the pitch. For four seasons they had won nothing.

With unprecedented, exclusive access to the inner workings of a major European club, we observe the story of Laporta’s and his team’s first year in power.

“More than just a club” – Barca’s slogan signals the emotional, political and aspirational appeal to Catalans goes far beyond sport, and is reflected in the obsessive media coverage in the press and television. This is a story about power, ambition and identity as well as football.


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