Defensive Movement of Arrigo Sacchi’s AC Milan

Baresi and co. showing everyone how a unified, well-rehearsed, and impenetrable defense works.  Simply awesome.


2 responses to “Defensive Movement of Arrigo Sacchi’s AC Milan

  1. This is a great video, but you can’t really press this way anymore because of the changes in the off-side law. I appreciate how the team follows Baresi’s movement to pursue the ball, but most of these clips wouldn’t be considered offside today — the referee is calling the player standing in an offside position for the offense, not the player breaking from deep to latch onto the ball.

    Keep up the great work on the blog, though.

  2. PT. Not sure it matters if rule changes mean this style more difficult now. The rules were clear back then and this was a solution that worked. In addition you see variations of this style even now. Compact systems, smaller spaces when defending. Three significant changes have occurred in football…………….1 Dutch idea of total football. 11 players working collectively rather than individually with emphasis on technical superiority. 2 Sacchi’s compact defensive system, reducing spaces playing from front to back within 25 metre space when defending. 3 Guardiola’s Barcelona combining elements of both and adding pressing (Bielsa and others got there first) but these are the major changes to football.

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