FCB Escola Coaching Seminar Notes

Last summer I was fortunate enough to attend a coaching seminar conducted by FCB Escola, the youth division of FC Barcelona.  It was a fantastic learning experience.  The level of perfectionism in their coaching staff and detail in their training makes it obvious why FC Barcelona is a top club in the world of football, and will remain one for many years.

Below are my notes from the 2-day seminar.  In some area they are not quite complete simply because there was so much content I could not keep up with the presenters.  In all cases I tried to fill in any missing gaps based on my recollections.  Enjoy.

FCB Escola Coaches Seminar-Day 1

FCBEscola-day 2


7 responses to “FCB Escola Coaching Seminar Notes

  1. Great notes! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the notes! Really intereseting

  3. great notes, thanks for posting. I need some simple automated movements, adding in two forwards 9v9. that gives me some ideas.

  4. Chuck, where did you attend this clinic at?

  5. Fabulous! Thanks for those of us that cant afford to attend these notes are invaluable. Do you know if they are hosting another one of these in the US?

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