Guardiola’s Ideas

A couple of days ago, @migerucb made a series of tweets concerning a video that he posted earlier on Twitter.  The video showed a young Pep Guardiola discussing several coaching points at what looks like a coaching seminar.  In the video, Guardiola outlined his 5 ideas for playing.  @Migerucb translated the 5 ideas for the twitter-sphere.  I really appreciate the translation because there is often so much outstanding content that is frankly beyond the reach of the “unilingual.”  Guardiola’s 5 ideas are shown below, as translated by @migerucb.

So watch the video and contemplate the 5 ideas.  And thank @migerucb for doing a nice thing for those of us coaches that are “unilingual.”

Guardiola’s Ideas:

  1. Most teams are reactive. They wait for you to give the ball away to attack.  Defense and offence can’t be separated.
  2. The “free man” concept.  Find the players who make the difference unmarked via ball circulation.
  3. The importance of the “third man”.  Try to play long first and if you can’t, play short. Key to avoid counter attacks.
  4. Move the opponent, not the ball.  Invite the opponent to press.  You have the ball on one side, to finish on the other.
  5. Don’t mark a player; cover the space between two players. The opponent thinks he’s unmarked, making pressing easier.

P.S. Point 3 is ironic because of what people say about Martino.  He talks about profundidad (depth), but I don’t know how to translate that.


2 responses to “Guardiola’s Ideas

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  2. Loved this article! Great to get into the coaching thoughts of the recent master!

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